A range of vacuum tankers allow Drainology the capability of dealing with the removal of waste and deposits from all different of structures.

Most of our vacuumation units have a high pressure water jetting facility often preventing the need for a separate unit.

We provide a fleet of vacuum tankers to manipulate commercial, municipal and industrial bulk liquid wastes, ranging from trade effluents, off spec and contaminated products, sewage and material from spills etc. Tanker capacities range from 1500 gallons to 7000 gallons.

Typically the units are used for:

  • Interworks Tankering
  • Pump Station
  • Cleaning Removal of debris/fat and washing of walls and pumps.
  • Septic Tank/Cesspit Oil/Water Interceptor waste disposal
  • Gulley Cleaning
  • Hazardous liquid
  • Waste transport
  • Effluent removal