The transportation, treatment and disposal of hazardous waste is the most regulated sector of waste management. Several legislative instruments regulate these activities.

At Drainology we are able to advise our clients of their obligations and how to discharge these in compliance with all applicable legislation. Our experienced professionals will be able to advise the appropriate route to manage your hazardous waste. Whether your waste requires chemical neutralisation, solvent recovery, high temperature incineration, organic treatment, separation, cement fuel blending, solidification or landfill,

Drainology can offer the solution.  Our qualified professionals can offer site audits, chemical analysis, waste identification, packaging or re-packaging of materials for disposal along with a comprehensive collection and appropriate disposal service. Many clients have benefited from our on-site waste management service. Where experienced operatives will re-package, consolidate and prepare your waste for disposal at your site. In our experience this approach always yields a cost advantage. If you are responsible for any hazardous waste and would like an alternative proposal for its management then please contact us.