Drainology is a specialist in the cleaning and degassing of industrial & marine tanks.

Whatever the size and contents of your tank – hazardous or non-hazardous – we have the expertise and methodology to carry out the project efficiently and safely.

We analyse the contents of the tank, including testing for hazardous substances, and we devise a plan which takes into account the location of the tank, environmental factors and the need to fit in with your day-to-day operations and to minimise downtime.

Tank cleaning is carried out either by non-entry methods or by our highly experienced staff working inside the tank. Their safety is, of course, of paramount importance and we carry out full risk assessments and operate under strict confined space procedures using the latest safety equipment and breathing apparatus.

All waste is dealt with and removed using our specialist equipment including tankers with a range of barrel types to suit the various types of waste.

In addition to cleaning, we prepare the tank for inspection and, if required, we can arrange for any necessary repairs to the tank.